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1.Variable Refrigerant Flow
VRF is short for Variable Refrigerant Flow.
DC inverter scroll compressor which from Hitachi is the heart of CHIGO CMV system.
It can adjust the refrigerant flow by regulating the rotating speed of orbiting scroll to regulatethe system capacity output.

2.Modules can be freely combined to become larger unit.

3.High Efficiency
DC motorDC fan motor can be stepless controlled by outdoor PCB according to system’s operating pressure. And it is able to reduce the energy consumption and maintain the system in the best performance.

4.Excellent in EER and COP
Thanks to DC devices(compressor and motor), piping optimization design and new refrigerant control logic, system’s EER and COP are significantly increase.

5.Silent mode, night time noise control
Maximum 12dB(A) decrease.

6.Anti-snow Function
In the cold weather, outdoor fan will start to run for a while at intervals, for preventing the snow to accumulate on fan blade. Because accumulated snow will freeze and block fan blade rotating, even worse it will damage the motor.
It only start when temperature is lower than 0˚C.

7.4 unit combination, capacity up to 64HP.

8.Adjustable outdoor fan external static pressure
Thanks to DC fan motor, the external static pressure of outdoor fan is adjustable.
Outdoor units can be installed in the service floor or facility room.
Maximum ESP 85Pa.